Food Distribution and Reporting Software for Food Pantries


The faces of hunger are all around us. It affects the young, the old, in every city, in every State. The problem is real - and it's right next door. Local food pantries like yours are the heart and soul of the food distribution system. 

FoodStar is a reliable, easy-to-use software program to help you manage your member list, food distribution, record keeping and reporting requirements. It meets USDA requirements and can be used by both USDA and non-USDA food pantries.

With an optional signature pad, your food pantry can be completely PAPERLESS!

FoodStar is completely stand-alone software.

  • You don't have to own Microsoft Access to run FoodStar.
  • There is no additional charge for multi-user use.
  • There is no additional charge for Support.

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"We used our FoodStar program yesterday at all five stations and it went very well.  Two of our people had no prior training at all (not even using the old way with the paperwork) and the program made it possible for them to just jump right in & go.  So I wanted to let you know that we are extremely pleased with it!  Thank you!" 

B.H. - Little Rock, AR

"I am so pleased with FoodStar. It is very functional and user-friendly!"  

S.S. - Northwest AR

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Key Features

-  Easy to Set Up

-  Easy to Customize

 - Easy to Use

 - Provides Fast, Efficient Check-in

 - Meets USDA Requirements

 - Secure Log-in

 - Supports Electronic Signature

 - Supports Multiple Workstations 

 - Integrated Backup & Restore

-  Import your Client Information

-  Fast, Accurate Reports

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